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Re: Steamed Tofu "Cake"

>         How do you steam the tofu cake?  In a dish in a pan of water in
> oven?  Or in a covered pan oven on top of the range?  What kind and size
> shallow dish do you use?  Also, am I correct in thinking that there are
> approximately 30 grams to one ounce?  This recipe sounds delicious.  I'm
> my 12th day as a Vegan (a la McDougall) and am enjoying it
> to my surprise.  I don't even crave cheese or sugar!  Thanks,
> Jane

Dear Jane,

I dun post very often so I'm not very familiar with this newsgroup, sorry
if I've confused you... and I'm Singaporean... over here, things are
measured in grams (g) or kilograms (kg)... so 400g  means  400 grams of the
tofu... 250g=8oz... anyway, proportions for the ingredients are
approximate.... the idea is to get something very smooth and soft.... so I
like to mash up my tofu till it's smooth before I add in other solid
ingredients and then seasonings and lastly the egg to combine everything

Steam in a dish over a rack in a wok of boiling water on the stove, or use
a double boiler. Dun steam in an oven! Any type of shallow dish can be
used, as long as the whole tofu mixture can be gently pressed into it to
form a 1 inch thick "cake"... use the underside of a spoon to smoothen the
top & edges.

This "steamed cake" is a very basic recipe.... you can be creative... by
adding any kind of ingredients you like to it... thinly sliced chilli, bell
peppers, frozen vegies (peas, corn bits, carrots bits...), finely chopped
sauteed onions, etc.... avoid beans though... it kills the original flavour
of the tofu... and create your own "flavour"... I add teriyaki sauce, light
soya sauce, salt, pepper, herbs, BBQ sauce, veg. Worcestershire... in any
combo. I like.... up to you.... find one that suits you. Dun forget the


Karen Lim