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Baked ramen noodles

I haven't come across the Campbell's baked ramen noodles that someone
mentioned, but have enjoyed the Westbrae Natural variety.  The health food
section of my local Fiesta store stocks several varieties, including spinach
ramen and seaweed ramen.

They're certainly more expensive than the other stuff--close to $2, I think,
regular price.  Here's the ingredients list from the seaweed ramen:

Noodles: whole wheat flour, sifted wheat flour, sea salt
Broth mix: shoyu powder, freeze dried miso powder, dried kombu seaweed,
dried shitake mushroom, dried wakame seaweed, sea salt, dried green onion,
onion powder, garlic powder, ground ginger, black pepper.

For the whole package: 
        1gm fat
        1380mg sodium (with seasoning), 320mg w/out
        10gm protein

Westbrae phone number from package--310.886.8200