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Soy Protein

>I'm trying to add more soy protein to my diet to alleviate menopause
>symptoms.  Can anybody give me recommendations about the most palatable
>soy milk?  Also any other recommendations...?

Something I do to add protein to my diet is to add a soy based protein
powder to some of meals.  The brand I use at Naturade's 100% Soy Protein.
It's vegan, fat free, and 2 tablespoons gives about 25 grams of protein.  My
favorite trick is to add it some oatmeal in the morning.  The taste it
imparts isn't too great so I adds lots of cinnamon (we're talking teaspoons
here) and some honey.  It's great!

Speaking of soy, I'm trying to help my mom out with her recent lifestyle
change to a better diet.  She's looking for lf/vlf foods (but necessarily
vegan), but the problem is she has numerous food allergies.  She's been
following Barry Sears' The Zone diet and it is working very well for her.
The problem is she can't have things like soy, wheat, yeast, albumin (egg
whites), vinegar, and onion.  Any suggestions?  BTW, The Zone specifies that
the proportion of carbs to protein should be roughly the same (as if there
weren't enough restrictions already! <g>).

And speaking of nutritional analysis, can anyone recommend a good computer
program that will take a recipe and spit out the nutrional analysis
(protein, carbs, fat, sodium, etc.)? 

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