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Convenience Foods

What a great topic!  Some of the things I keep on hand do not meet the
requirements of this list, but they satisfy my cravings for otherwise
high-fat foods.  I'll leave them off, but you're welcome to email 
me if you're interested in any low-fat alternatives.

Fantastic Foods Instant Black Beans
Mission Fat-Free flour tortillas
Potatoes - sweet, bakers, red and yukon gold 
Jarred salsa - organic if I can find it
  I add my own touches to this depending on what I'm eating; I add pears,
mangoes, extra hot peppers, etc. and it it on top of Boca Burgers, baked
potatoes, throw it in tofu salad, etc.
Tofu (White wave reduced fat firm or Mori-Nu lite firm)
Boca Burgers
Gimme Lean meat substitute
Canned tomatoes of all kinds
Pre-cut, pre-washed carrots
Shredded wheat (bite-size) is one of my favorite alternatives to chips.  I
take a 2 cup container to work and snack on them throughout the morning.
Various kinds if frozen fruits and veggies (in the winter these are
cheaper and the quality of fresh produce isn't that hot now in the
northeast and *very* expensive
Various kinds of packaged whole-grain rolls and bread (for when I haven't
had time to make a few loaves of bread on  the weekend)
Ben and Jerry's fat-free sorbet
Enrico's spicy fat-free bean dip