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Receipes & Salade Dressing.

Hi; long term lurker here <G>;  someone asked about typing of receipes - if
you go to http:\\people.delphi.com  and download the free program
mcbstr16.zip  this works thru dos but I use win95  and have no problems.
This program will extract receipes from digests and with minimal (simple)
editing!  Good Luck!

Someone was also looking for vlf salad dressing a bit ago - my favorite is
using ff sour cream (I prefer astro) and  the spice - dill (no set amount,
probably about a tablespoon or so - depends on your taste for dill) and a
touch of salt (if needed).  Let it set for 20 minutes and away you go.  

BTW - glad to see group up and running, I really missed my "fix" of digests <G>.

Have a  good weekend everybody,

Karen Hambleton

"When God made Man - she was only kidding!"