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re:convenience foods

After thinking about this I feel like my whole pantry falls under the
heading convenience food.  It's what happens when you consider dinner at
8:30PM to be "early" :-)  I should say that I consider anything that 
requires only microwaving or boiling water to be "convenience" foods.
Here's what I see at the moment:
- Fatfree "refried" beans, both pinto and black bean varieties
- Tortillas, in the freezer, to use with the beans
- Salsa (see a trend here? :-)
- A huge bag of Mrs. T's pierogies from BJs (1g fat each, 60 calories, but
  I always eat only a few and with a huge plate o'steamed veggies, cooked
  over the boiling water with the pierogies)
- A variety of pilaf mixes (this falls under the "I only have to boil the
  water and then go veg for 25 minutes" category)
- A few bags of frozen veggies
- Single serve packages of oatmeal/cream of wheat/rice/etc
- plain nonfat yogurt, to which I can add a small amount of jam or maple
  syrup or whatever to curb the ice cream/pudding/custard cravings

That's it at the moment... who's next?

Kelly C. Thome			kthome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Brigham and Women's Hospital	fax:   617-732-7449
Boston, MA 02115
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