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convenience foods

One of my biggest diet downfalls is not having enough convenience food
on hand.  This is healthy, grab-and-eat stuff for when you don't feel
like cooking (much) and are in danger of hopping in the car to get
french fries from Arby's (gosh I love their fries).

So, here is what I keep (and I'm working on more):

oranges and bananas and grapes.  (for when the sweet tooth aches).
Shari's soups.  Expensive, but I love them.
Baked tofu (commericial product).
prewashed and cut carrot sticks with some nonfat dip
Some frozen dinners/entrees (Wolfgang Puck's fatfree roasted veggie
   pizza, Cascadian Farm's Veggie Bowl, WW Angel Hair+veggies)
The precut, prewashed salad mixes from the grocery, expensive, but
  sometimes you just don't feel like washing lettuce.
Pickled asparagus.

I used to keep baked tortilla chips and salsa, but I can eat a whole
bag, I'm trying to cut back on flour products and go for more whole,
unground grains like brown rice, quinoa, oats, etc -- this is hard.
I'm now looking for some sort of whole grain cereal that would be
appetizing mid-day. 

I also keep a list on the fridge of takeout places and what to order
(rice bowl without meat from Jack in the Box, roasted red pepper
sandwich, no cheese, no mayo from Togos, no cheese pizza, veggie sushi
from Miyake, baked potato with broccoli from Carl's Jr or Wendy's).

What sort of convenience foods do you all keep on hand?

Michelle Dick             artemis@xxxxxxxxx              East Palo Alto, CA