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convenience foods

Michelle asked (great subject, btw), "What sort of convenience foods do you
all keep on hand?"   I'd love to see these categorized somehow so we can
compile lists to turn to when taken over by various cravings ...


jicama cut like french fries .. crunchy and a little sweet and juicy

canned green beans  (... I happen to love these and will eat them as is
from a bowl and feel pretty smug about it ;) (compared to eating the milk
chocolate I really want)


For my chocolate thing I keep ff chocolate biscotti and meringues I've
made, in tins (for freshness and to be out of sight)


Frozen bananas (makes thick, ice cream-like shake in an instant ... with
cocoa for me)

Frozen fruit of any kind for that cold, thick texture when I want a shake
.. or can make instant sorbet in food processor, "ice cream" in Champion

ff ice cream .. made in my VitaMix (amazing machine to me, if you've ever
wondered about it)  (but food processor, ice cream maker types are as good,
I'm sure, I just love "gadgets" .. and this is just INSTANT if you have the
right things frozen to make it)


Grape Nuts bars in archives are infinitely variable and I'm really relying
on those lately



OH .. for chips, the MicroChip infomercial gadget works GREAT!!!   In 10
minutes, start to finish, you can have baked tortilla chips in a reasonable
amount (I can't have a bag around .. "fugGEDaboudit")  .. baked potato
chips take about 30 min., including slicing.  With tortillas, before
nuking, I spray them lightly with water and sprinkle whatever seasonings I
feel like having.

I even keep canned salsa now (ewwwww) for the times when I don't have the
fresh ingredients, don't have the fridge kind and it's that OR ELSE ...


hummus and pita bread

burritos made in bulk, wrapped individually and frozen - quick to defrost
in microwave


ff canned soups (I used to be against all canned foods but hey, we're
talking about for *those* moments)

Are there healthy ramen packets out there ... the store ones are LOADED
with fat and HIGH calorie!!! :((


I make a chipotle chile paste that, put on ANYTHING, satisfies my "hot"

I'm eager to hear what others do for these times.  This is a better subject
the more I think about it!  I am soooo glad the list is back.  I am more
motivated than I have been in months.  Thanks, Michelle! :)