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Re: spice mill

Anne Cox <coxa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Since we have been discussing both kitchen appliances and Indian food 
> lately, this seems like a good time to ask this question:   Does anyone 
> have a spice mill they really love?    I've been using the mini-chopper 
> that came with my Braun hand mixer, but it doesn't grind particularly
> fine 
> and I'm not happy with it.  I've been eyeing the coffee grinder (the
> blade 
> type).   Cumin with your coffee, anyone?  Obviously, I'd have to buy a
> 2nd 
> grinder, but I would like to know if anyone uses something they like
> even 
> better before I run out and get one.
We've been using a coffee mill for several years (it's a Braun, too, if I
remember correctly).  If you never use it for anything other than spices
it's great; otherwise, you might want to consider only using it for spices
you don't mind having in your coffee... :)

We buy cumin seed in bulk, and grind our own fresh-ground cumin.  What an
amazing flavor difference from the store-bought ground!  Ground cinnamon,
too, is stronger (just makes a LOT of noise in the grinder! :)


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