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Frozen grapes/teething

>>>>> "adritter" == adritter  <adritter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    adritter> For those moms concerned with choking, I agree with the
    adritter> poster above who responded to my original message: slice
    adritter> the grapes in half.  I never gave these to my kids
    adritter> because I never thought about it, but I have witnessed 7
    adritter> and 8 month olds gumming them whole with- out a problem.
    adritter> But, much better to be safe than sorry.  And yes, Susan,
    adritter> frozen peas are also a good choice and my two children
    adritter> enjoyed them.  Although as teens now, peas are *not*
    adritter> their favorite vegie.

When my oldest started teething, we discovered that he preferred to
gum a nice cold, juicy dill pickle! (Credit grandpa for the discovery
- he used one to 'plug' up a crying boy in a restaurant :)

Dave Wallis