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Re: Lasagna and Weight Watchers

>Weight Watchers:
>are there
>any vegetarians out there who are doing WW?  I was looking thru the stuff,
>and I didn't see much in the way of vegetarianism.  I eat cheese and tofu
>but no eggs.

Dear Michelle,

This far I haven't seen any special programs dedicated for vegetarians, but
on the other hand I guess that you are a program or so a head of us.

I tend to use the recipes as "source of inspiration" and substitute a lot.
(According to the guideline/key,
or whatever it's called in English,
you get with the program.)

If you want to you could try substituting meat with lentils & beans,
and substituting fish with tofu in the recipes.

I also created my own quick guide as a complement.
It took some calculating, but it's invaluable.

Please, let me know how it turns out for you.

Best wishes,