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Re: Lasagna and Weight Watchers

> Weight Watchers:
> I am joining tonight w/ my sister.  I have about 15lbs. to lose, which
> everyone knows the last few lbs. you have to lose are the hardest, and I
> figure if I am paying for something I'll stick to it.  Anyhoo, are there
> any vegetarians out there who are doing WW?  I was looking thru the stuff,
> and I didn't see much in the way of vegetarianism.  I eat cheese and tofu
> but no eggs.


They certainly don't emphasize vegetarianism--or eating low-fat the way
that is interpreted here, but they do have a little handout with a
vegetarian plan, which even gives alteernatives for people who don't
eat dairy.  I'm not currently a member, but I have been in the past.

Jane		jane@xxxxxxxxxx