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Yogurt cheese

Hello:  For Kathy and others who are new to yogurt cheese,
my favorite trick is to add 1 tablespoon
of freshly grated orange rind, a teaspoon of grated ginger
and you could further add a teaspoon or
so of honey.  I have added a packet of Equal but don't do
this anymore since the orange and 
ginger seem to overpower the bite of the yogurt.

You can also make it a different cheese by adding your
favorite herbs.  It will reduce the yogurt 
by volumn, in half, so just keep that in mind re amounts to
use.  (It gets like Rondele if you use
herbs instead of the above.)  

I have recently run across a recipe for a dip using yogurt,
minced garlic,  1 T. of fresh mint, 
and a seeded finely chopped cucumber.  Wonder how this
combination will work for cheese?
May try it today!

Jo in Minnesota