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Re: McDougallers, help!!!

In a message dated 97-08-05 17:02:12 EDT, you write:

<< Has anyone had any luck doing McDougall part-time?  Here is my problem:  I
 feel that his way of eating is great, but it is a bit too stringent for me.
 (BTW, I read the book.  But I want to know if there are any "real people"
 with success on a part-time McD program.)  I miss comfort foods like
 tortillas and pasta.  However, I have about 25lbs to lose.  So I really
 want to make an effort.  I was thinking of doing it all week, but giving
 myself one lunch and one dinner on the weekend to "splurge" on non-McD
 items (I'm not talking fetuccini alfredo here, but a low-fat quesadilla).
 Can anyone offer any advice? >>

My husband and I are part-timers...I have read McDougall's book and also
Ornish and I try and stick to it as closely as I can but I know that my
husband would simply not stay on such a stringent food plan..I modifyed their
approach to make it livable for us and although weight loss was not one of
our goals..(recovering from a heart attack is our primary goal-my husband had
one in May) we did each lose 15 pounds since June...
If you are unhappy with the life style change you are not going to stick with
it, imho...so i personally believe it's more important to find something that
you can live with and not be a slave to an absolute..

Just my $.02