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Re: FATFREE Digest V97 #193

>        Brewer's yeat is absolutely NOT interchangeable with nutritional
>yeast - I don't know what the fellow at the store was thinking!  It doesn't

A lot of places tell you it is the same thing.  I went to a HFS here 
in Fremont asking for nutritional yeast and was directed to brewer's 
yeast and told it was the same thing.  I had also heard that before, 
but by that time had read on this list, and perhaps others, that this 
was not so, so did not buy it.  Made one attempt to correct the clerk, 
but was firmly "put in my place," so I just passed it on by.

So, don't be surprised to be shown brewer's yeast as just another 
"name" for nutritional yeast. 

But, don't you believe it.