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Dressing Dilemas

Aiko was wondering about dressing "keeping" in those little plastic
containers.  I don't eat commercial dressings, and I know that the
dressings I make with egg substitutes can go bad, so when I want to bring
it to school (I work on campus, have practicum on campus, and one full day
of classes, so I'm there for hours and hours at a time!) I use one of
those little lunch bags/boxes that are insulated and put a reusable gel
refrigerant in it to keep it cool.  I also can carry my ff yogurt and
salad greens in it, and it always stays cool.  If I'm going to a
restaurant, I just throw one in my purse, because in the US we always get
our salad first, so the dressing is always still cold by the time I get
it. (Of course, it does help to have a pretty big purse!)

			--Jana (a very exhausted 4th year grad student)

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