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Re: FF: Opinionated Chef, aka Empress of Garlic and Doyenne of Beanery, opines

Gloriamarie wrote:
> Depsite a decade of ff and lf products on the markets, Americans are more
> obese than ever.  I am thinking that there is a direct link to the use of
> the commercially available ff and lf products.  I have long had a suspicion
> that the manufacturers of these products are very aware that we Americans
> have 2 dominant favorite sorts of tastes: a taste for fat and a taste for
> sweet.  So in order to make their ff and lf products palatable, they
> substitute sweet flavor for the fat flavor.
I finally started looking closely at the ingredients in soy milks to
see how they made them nonfat, especially after trying some that seemed
way too sweet for my taste, and discovered that they do the same thing!
The nonfat ones have more malted barley or other cereal sweetener than
they do soybeans, and the nutritional analyses show them to be fairly
high in sugar.  So I'm still searching for the perfect milk substitute:
low in fat, calcium-fortified, not too sweet.  I'm currently trying
Westsoy low-fat, which has 2 grams of fat per cup (I generally use half
a cup on my cereal) and is less sweet than their nonfat.  I did try
Pacific Original which says "Unsweetened" on the box, and it was tasty
but too high in fat (5 grams/cup) and a lot creamier than I'm used to,
since I was using nonfat milk before I switched to soy.  And it was low
in calcium, which is something I'm concerned about as a post-menopausal
woman (yes, I know I get calcium from greens, but I'm not convinced that
it's enough).

Jane Colman		jane@xxxxxxxxxx