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Re: mile alternative

>                    i've seen some cereals out there, but
>she's not too keen on rice or soy milk, so cold cereals seem to be out :(

I don't like those "milks," either, but oat milk works for me.

Also, on weekends when we're home and actually "do" breakfast, 
we do potatoes a lot.  But that's a bit time consuming.  We use 
the new spray oil for the pan and on top of the chopped potatoes. 
but there have been suggestions here to use soy sauce or somebody's 
enzymes (I'm having a "senior moment, here, can't think of the name) 
and then bake.  We add onions and a bit of diced jalapeno when the 
potatoes are pretty much cooked.

Fruit and toast or other bread-type is also a good breakfast.