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Nasoya Nayonnaise

I tried it and agree completely with the previous reviews.  It is a bit gray in
color, but I thought it was more like real mayonnaise (which I love) than
anything else I have tried.  Tried the FF commercial brands once upon a time and
thought they were terrible.  Have used Hellman's lowfat for quite a while, but
really wanted a FF.  I have also tried making mayo out of tofu, and the
interesting thing is that the Nasoya has all the same ingredients I have used in
the homemade, but it also has some gums, and I the improvement in texture in the
Nasoya vs. homemade is remarkable.  

One disadvantage is the cost.  I paid $2.69 for a pint.  There is a Nasoya
lowfat that is $2.69 a quart.  I may try calculating and see if, depending on
the recipe, the lowfat will work in some instances.