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new on McDougall MWLP - breakfast ideas?

hi!  i think this may be my first post here (i've been a lurker for a long,
long time).  well, for the last year i've been eating LF, and done pretty
well, but last mon. i started the mcdougall maximum weight loss plan.  it's
going really well, plenty to eat and lots of good things out there to make!
 the one question i had was peoples' suggestions for breakfast.  i know i'm
happy with just oatmeal or couscous and such, but my SO is a little
pickier.  i'm trying to come up with some alternative breakfast ideas for
her that would fit into the plan.  i've seen some cereals out there, but
she's not too keen on rice or soy milk, so cold cereals seem to be out :(

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  actually, any tips or
suggestions for the MWLP in general would be super!

thanks very much, and thanks for all the tips, recipes, etc. over the last
year - it's so great to have the list back up!


Jason P. Affourtit				email: jaffourt@xxxxxxxxxxx
Senior Research Associate		  322 E. Main Street, Branford, CT
CuraGen Corporation 				    (203) 481-1104 ext. 252