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RE: new on McDougall MWLP - breakfast ideas?

Jason <faffourt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> the one question i had was peoples' suggestions for breakfast.  i know 
i'm happy with just oatmeal or couscous and such, but my SO is a little
pickier.  i'm trying to come up with some alternative breakfast ideas for
her that would fit into the plan.  i've seen some cereals out there, but
she's not too keen on rice or soy milk, so cold cereals seem to be out :(

Hi Jason,

Last I checked, there was no hard and fast rule that said that cold cereal
must always be eaten with milk on it! :)  I know of folks who put either
orange juice or apple juice on theirs; personally, both my husband and I
eat our morning cereal with absolutely nothing on it, just a glass of
juice on the side (I've tried it with the juice on the cereal, and found
it rather vile).  Eating it straight like that, we're guaranteed it's not
going to get soggy, and will stay crunchy right up until it goes stale! :) 


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