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Re: Watery mock egg salad

Peggy wrote:

>I have tried "mock" egg salad made from tofu a couple of times. (made by
>someone other than me) .  It always seems to be very watery.  Because of that
>I have hesitated to make it myself.  Did the friends who made it do something
>wrong or is this problem generic to the dish?

Hi Peggy;
        I've never had my mock egg salad come out watery, although I'd
imagine if you don't drain the tofu thoroughly there may be some unwanted
moisture.  If that is a problem, try wrapping the tofu in a clean kitchen
towel and let it rest about half an hour before you crumble it.  To be on
the safe side you can make the whole dish minus the wet ingredients, mix
them in a separate bowl, and add them until you reach the right consistency.
I use the extra firm silken and lowfat vegan mayo, and it always comes out
with the exact consistency of egg salad (without doing the towel trick).
Extra firm silken tofu has the same texture as egg whites, so it's aces.  A
little nutritional yeast can also take care of a too-loose consistency, but
I don't think you're going to be thrilled with that suggestion after your
last post ;o)