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Re:Nutritional analysis

Cynthia Barnes wrote following:

>Good morning! Does anyone know a source (preferably free and web-based)
>where I can enter my daily food log and have a nutritional analysis
>performed? I am logging calories, fat & protein by hand now, but am not
>sure on vitamins, calcium, etc. For instance, my average last week was
>1350 calories, 5.3% cff, 35 grams of protein per day.
>Any recommendations will be very appreciated....

Hi Cynthia... I am currently using a web based, free program called Dietwatch.
You enter a food that you have eaten, and the program breaks down the
nutritional value for you. You can update the database with your own foods, and
it keeps your records stored for you. Just a great, FREE, program that I highly
recommend. It breaks down the food, according to portion sizes, for fat,
calories, sodium,carbs, fiber, protein, and some vitamins. You just log in what
you eat, and then you can really analyze what you are eating. It's very user
friendly, and can also set up guidelines for diets, as well as analyze your diet
after a few days of entries. Sounds like I like it, huh?
     Here's the web address for you:   --   http://www.softwatch.com/
Just go to that page, and download Dietwatch. I have no affiliation whatsoever
with this company or program. I just have found it to be a great way to control
, watch , and learn about foods I eat.