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Re: yucky nutritional yeast

Peggy penned:
>I have been wanting to try nutritional yeast for awhile so I purchased "KAL
>brewers Yeast Flakes".  Thats what the guy at the store directed me to when I
>asked for nutritional yeast.  I tried it in a vegetable casserole (I think
>the recipie called for 1/4 cup). The whole family said it made the casserole
>taste like -excuse me- barf!
>Did I get the wrong stuff or what?  After this experience , reading the Pizza
>recipie on the last digest made me nauseous. ;-).

Hi Peggy;
        Brewer's yeat is absolutely NOT interchangeable with nutritional
yeast - I don't know what the fellow at the store was thinking!  It doesn't
surprise me that the brewer's made the casserole nasty... it _*IS*_ nasty.
Never mind that it doesn't approximate the taste of cheese whatsoever, nor
that it has a whopping and persistent aftertaste.  They're not related in
any way, and no other yeast can be substituted in recipes that call for
nutritional yeast flakes.  If you're vegan they're indispensable.  
        The nutritional is a bright yellow to a light tan colour in both
flaked and powdered form, so it's easy to spot and distinguish from the
brewer's and baking yeasts.  It's also got a mild and pleasant smell.  My
HFS carries it in the bulk food bins, although it's available packaged (some
contain whey, so vegans need to read the labels).  The powdered is twice as
strong as the flaked.
        It should be available in your health food store, if not there are
online and mail-order sources.  I'm in Canada, so I can't do much in the way
of suggesting American stores that carry it (maybe someone else on the list
lives in your area and can source it for you?), but I've one mail-order
address.  Ive never ordered from this company, but the "Uncheese Cookbook"
lists them as being of 'great assistance'.

        The Mail Order Catalog
        Box 180
        Summertown, TN

Hope this helps,