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Watery mock egg salad

>>>>> "Zeftu" == Zeftu  <Zeftu@xxxxxxx> writes:

    Zeftu> Hello: I have tried "mock" egg salad made from tofu a
    Zeftu> couple of times. (made by someone other than me) .  It
    Zeftu> always seems to be very watery.  Because of that I have
    Zeftu> hesitated to make it myself.  Did the friends who made it
    Zeftu> do something wrong or is this problem generic to the dish?

I make mock egg salad with mashed chickpeas and fatfree Miracle Whip
(tm) salad dressing (i.e., ff mayo). Mash the beans with a fork or
potato masher, and use your favorite egg salad recipe (for me, onions,
garlic, pickle relish, celery, salt & pepper).

Dave Wallis