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RE: Salad Dressing Packets

You might want to watch out with Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig
pre-packaged salad dressings.  I can't say what the exact fat percentage
is for Weight Watchers, but I was on Jenny Craig a while back and their
salad dressings were 50% CCF or more.  Also, I've found that the
pre-packaged ones have really high sodium.  So, if you're watching
sodium, you might check out the labels carefully.


Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 11:57:57 -0400
From: Sandra Kidd <SKIDD@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Salad Dressing Packets
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<<Subject: Salad Dressing Packets

Does anyone know where I can find packets of salad dressing sort of like
what they have at McDonalds?  I have not found them in the grocery

I know that at one time Weight Watchers sold some.  I don't know if they
do, but it is always a place to start asking.  Also, a friend of mine
went to Jenny
Craig or one of those places that make you eat pre-packed food, and she
those little packets.  Maybe check and see if they sell them to
customers or can suggest where to buy them?  Just an idea.

Sandra (skidd@xxxxxxxxxxx)