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Chickpea "Nuts"

KarenM just asked about chickpea "nuts."

I'm going CRAZY trying to find the recipe I saw for making chickpea nuts!  In
my mind I can "see" the article I saw it in... Something titled, roughly like,
"Snacks Under 100 Calories per Serving."  

The only publications coming into my house--and it's been within the last 
month or two--have been the Denver Post, the Laramie Boomerang, Weight 
Watchers and Self magazines.  Since I'm packing to move, I've looked through 
all the magazines, and haven't found the recipe that I tore out of the 
newspaper.  Can't seem to find it in the magazines.  Looking for it this past 
week has been pretty distracting as far as packing boxes is concerned!  So, if
someone else saw it, I'd like to see it again, too!

In the meantime, what I recall from the recipe is that it used canned
chickpeas, drained, sprinkled them with spices, then baked them on a cookie
sheet sprayed with oil.  Experimentation could probably result in something
acceptable, but not being able to find the actual recipe is annoying me--
especially since I KNOW I emailed it to my sister, and she says she doesn't
have it!  Sheesh!

I'll look forward to seeing someone else post it if I don't find it in the

Thanks from me, too!