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MCD. Maximum Weight loss plan

     I have been eating low fat mostly veggie for about three years and 
     have just made the switch to the Maximum Weight loss plan.  I, too, 
     would appreciate any hints or suggestions, especially with snacks.  I 
     eat regular meals, but am usually pretty hungry about 3 hours after 
     eating.  Since pretzels are out the vending machine is not an option 
     any more.
     I find that if I am in a hurry or very hungry I revert to my old 
     eating habits, but if I make time & plan ahead I do alright.
     Sue said:
     :I just started the McDougall Maximum weight loss plan and wondered if 
     :anyone that is on it could send me their hints and tips. Any good 
     :recipes? How long have you stuck to the plan? I'd love to hear from 
     :any of you! Thanks!