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nutlettes/chickpea "nuts"

I know, I know, you all probably thought the whole Dixie discussion was over
and done with.  But had to put in my $.02, as someone else on this list
always says!  I actually like the nutlettes as they are with plain soy milk.
 They even have a bit of a sweet taste to me.  The one thing I discovered
though, it that a little goes a long way, because they can soak up LOTS of
liquid.  Yesterday I brought a bowl-sized container almost full of nutlettes
(as I have in the past with muesli), and it became almost like a middle
school science experiment gone wrong - the nutlettes just kept growing and
growing.  Even after I ate half of it, the bowl was still full!  So today I
filled the container 1/3 full, used the same amount of soy milk, and it was

In terms of chickpea "nuts", someone posted 2 or 3 recipes for them on this
list not too long ago, which I printed out.  I noticed someone reposted one
of them, but I know there were others.  If I don't see others reposted, I'll
try to remember to bring the recipes from home, but frankly, I'm so focused
on leaving on vacation in 4 days (yea!) that I might forget.  I never thought
of putting them in salads - good idea!