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RE: food storage question

>Our refrigerators seem to be really badly designed for storing the quantity
>of fresh fruits and vegetables
> After shopping today for just a few days' worth of recipes, the
>refrigerator was stuffed in a really inefficient way.

No Kidding!  Here's a little trick I learned from my friend down in Costa Rica:

Take a vegetable packing box (the size and dimension that will fit onto
your bottom shelf) and line the bottom with a clean dish towel.  Place
excess produce into the box and cover with another clean dishtowel.  Wash
and replace dish towels once a week.

I have learned through trial and error which veggies prefer to be in the
crisper (lettuce, leeks, zucchinnis, etc)  and which can be in the box.

Another option would be the "Evert-Fresh Bags" (sp?) made to keep produce
fresh longer.

Hope this helps,

\*/\*/\*/ Lynda \*/ Pixilated@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx \*/ So. Calif.\*/\*/ _@v
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