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In respone to Shannon:

	My roommate had purchased a Welbilt bread machine from QVC about 
a year and a half ago.  After using it, and loving it, for 2 months we 
were notified that the model was recalled due to a defect that was 
causing small fires in the heating mechanism supposedly.  Luckily we 
hadn't experienced this!  There we were, packing it up and shipping it 
back during the middle of winter!  That same day we purchased a 
Toastmaster brand and have had great luck (and bread) with it.

	Since then, we have had the occasion to purchase bread machines 
for 2 sets of friends who are enjoying them now.  We chose a Regal and 
the other, another Toastmaster.  I had done some research in Consumer 
Digest which was quite informative.  I would hesitate to buy a Welbilt 
now, although they seem to be the cheapest on the market.  I also think 
it is safe to say that you don't need to buy the most expensive brand 
with the most options to have the best bread.  They are so popular 
nowadays that you can find bread machines on sale almost every week at 
Caldor, Bradlees, etc.  I would keep it to around $100.  The best 
bargain a bread fiend like myself could find!
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