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Indian food

* LF (but not VLF) Indian Dishes HERE! *

Kathy Blain sent in a great-looking chana masala dish that I'm going
to try over the weekend. I love Indian food - there are a few recipes
on my website which I'm in the process of converting to ff.

I find that the techniques of Indian cooking do depend heavily on
frying in oil or butter; so when I try a new recipe I make it with the
fat *reduced* at first, so I can get an idea of the writer's
intentions, then I make it ff once I think I've got the hang of the

Gloriamarie was also talking about Indian food.  If a teaspoon of oil
between 2-4 servings (that's per dish; bear in mind you'll want at
least 2 dishes in a meal) is acceptable, check out

* VLF Cooking Techniques for Indian Dishes *

Of course I will post my recipes to the list as soon as I'm happy
with the ff versions. Note that spices *do* have fat in them, so for a
vlf solution, don't use any oil at all. 
Kathy says she just leaves out the oil - I find that just frying
spices in stock rather than oil completely changes the final result.
Not that it won't be delicious anyway, but I love a challenge. 

For the whole spices, toasting them in a dry pan over a low heat until
they give off a little steam, then splashing in some water (stand back
- it spits!) and stirring, is a good way to start a recipe that would
normally done by frying the whole spices in oil. For the ground
spices, buy them whole and toast them as above (without the water)
before grinding. This cooks them in advance so they don't stay
raw-tasting when you fry them in stock.


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