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Re: Amish Friendship Bread

On Wed, 20 Aug 1997, Sandra Kidd wrote:

> when I came to the recipe to actually make the bread, it requires 1 cup of oil. 
> Has anyone had success with making this bread with substitutes?  I would
> appreciate any help you have to offer as I feel that I should make the bread,
> since she gave me the starter, but I refuse to make it with that amount of oil.

I like to think of this as guilt bread.  I had some about two years ago 
and have refused more ever since.  Of course, I was offended on principle 
that people were calling it Amish, when the recipe (my recipe at least) 
calls for a package of instant pudding.  OK, I'm Mennonite, and I'm 
touchy about people exploiting the Amish.

Anyway, I made it with applesauce (though I think only 3/4 C.) and it was 
OK, though a little gummy.  Basically, you can adapt it as you would a 
normal quick bread.  I even retyped the instructions that came with the 
bread so that I wouldn't be passing on that high fat recipe.

Good luck!