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FF in NL, Fit for Life

Diana wrote (dag Diana, welkom!):
> Hello,
> I've just joined this mailing list, so probably my question has
> alreay been asked a million times before... if so, I'm sorry !
> I was wondering how you handle invitations from friends to have
> dinner at their place. Do you ask for a special dish, do you skip the
> fatfree diet...?

One possibility is to bring something. That way you can always have something
to eat, and you can share it with your friends, thereby introducing them to the
joys of fatfree eating! You can also loosen up a bit, depending on how
stringent your needs are!

> And another question:
> What do you think about the diet/lifestyle of Harry Diamond and his
> wife Marilyn (I hope I've got their names correct) they describe  in
> their book? (the englich title of the book I don't know, if I
> translated it from the dutch title it's some thing like 'healthy and
> fit'.

The English-language version (or rather, original) is called Fit for Life. I
looked into it for a while. Personally, and this is only my opinion, I think
Harry's explanations are off the wall and have NO biochemical basis, but I LOVE
Marilyn's recipes! They aren't FF, but they can be pretty easily adapted, as I
recall. Since I've gone McDougall, I haven't looked much in my FFL cookbooks.

A friend of mine who had intestinal problems felt much better when she was on
the Fit for Life diet, but personally I think she was just lactose intolerant,
and just cutting out dairy without doing all sorts of voodoo in terms of
combining would have worked just as well. But that's JMHO.

Be well, Hadass

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