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Re: FATFREE Digest V97 #178

> And another question:
> What do you think about the diet/lifestyle of Harry Diamond and his 
> wife Marilyn (I hope I've got their names correct) they describe  in 
> their book? (the englich title of the book I don't know, if I 
> translated it from the dutch title it's some thing like 'healthy and 
> fit'.
The Book is called "Fit for LIfe" in America.  I love it. It changed my 
life.  I was having horrible problems with the "elimination cycle" and 
obesity.  My doctors solution was to put me on prozac and a diet.  
Needless to say I DID NOT go for the prozac and I was already on a diet.  
Then  someone let me borrow their book.  It made so much sense, but all 
my friends think I'm crazy for eating the way I do.  I have no problems now 
and feel GREAT.. I'm off coffee, cigerettes, and I've lost 11 lbs 
(the slower it comes off the longer it stays away).  Marilyn put out a 
recipe book as well, although  I can't remember the name.  Grat recipes. 
and going out to dinner has opened up a whole new world for me.

Have you been following the diet for long?


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