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favorite tofu puddings & school lunches

These are in the archives,I'm sure, but here are copies w/my notes.
Taste tested by me and my 7yo (however, she does like tofu so may not
be typical of 7yo's).  BTW I use a Braun handblender, works great with
easy cleanup!

mango pudding

Flesh from one ripe mango (cube small unless extremely ripe)
juice from one orange
juice from one lime 
5 oz soft or firm low-fat tofu (1% fat) (can use whole block morinu, tastes
	more like tofu then though but still good)
3 tablespoons sugar  (or to taste)

Blend and puree, chill one hour.


raspberry pudding (I think this one is Jan Gordon's... thanks Jan)

1 package morinu lite tofu (cold)
1/3c apple or berry juice concentrate, frozen

blend & fold in lots of berries (about 1cup +) 


School lunches are tough ... what do your kids usually eat?  
My kid doesn't like anything most kids do (like PB&J or coldcuts... sort
of good but a pain for lunch packing) so I am probably not much help.  

Will they take a thick soft sided cooler?  Eddie Bauer makes a great
one I take to work, my 7yo trashes hers so I have a cheaper one
for her :-) but still fairly well insulated.  Rubbermaid freezer packs
(blue in plastic) seem to be the best icepacks.  This will expand your
options quite a bit.  I just bought a wide mouth thermos too, and am
going to try using that this fall (not that she eats soup, but I am
hoping to pack pasta in it... she doesn't eat pasta cold but devours
hot pasta w/FF tomato sauce :-).  Has anyone tried packing hot pasta
tossed in sauce?  Does it get mushy?

Aiko Pinkoski