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Re: vegetarian gelatin

 heehee..what she said was better. *pout*..We Barrie people shore are smart.


>Hi Paul;
>        Try agar (also known as agar-agar and kanten, depending on the
>source).  It's a sea veggie, but don't be alarmed... it doesn't taste of it
>*whatsoever*.  It's a whitish colour, and comes in either sticks, flakes,
>granules or powder, usually in a little celo packet.  Most health food
>stores seem to carry it in with the Japanese foodstuffs, or along with the
>more familiar seaweeds (dulse, kalp, wakame, etc.).  One cookbook I have
>hints that the flakes provide the most consistent results (the flakes are
>all I've tried, frankly).  It's pricey, but you use so little of it at one
>time that it works out well in the long run - and besides, it's worth it.
>        For a gelatin dessert, you use two tablespoons of flaked agar to 3.5
>cups of liquid.  I sweeten the juices I use it with, on occasion (so 'to
>taste' is probably the best recommendation).  The granulated form is twice
>as strong as the flaked; the powdered is three times as strong.  Play around
>with the concentrations to get the right 'wiggliness' for you, since too
>much produces some real 'jujube' textures.
>Hope this helps,