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Re: FF food and friends

How many of us are on a low fat diet not just for health,
but for weight loss? How much of our weight loss is related
to the fact that many of us are "foodies?" I know that *I* am,
food is not just fuel for me. The good thing about being a 
foodie is that we are usually great cooks. But a flip side
of this may be that our stomachs get in the way of our hearts.

How many of us (and I'm including myself in this group) are losing
friends NOT because of our diet but because we are a pain in the ass?
Because, as foodies, it would KILL us to just sit and eat a salad and
plain baked potato at a restaurant? Because we would rather DIE (or lose
our friends) than eat a good nutritious snack at home and then nibble
at a friend's house?  Because, for us, food is emotion and taste....

I found myself getting very hurt and self-righteous a few years ago,
and the lack of accommodation in restaurants IS a disgrace. Woe be
to the restaurants when I am dining alone or with my SO!  However,
when dining with (or at) friends.... I try very hard to stifle the little
whining voice that says "How come I'm not getting anything yummy to eat?"
and just SHUT UP and focus on my FRIENDS and not my STOMACH.  Now, if the
manager of the restaurant gets a blistering call the next day, that's MY

Perhaps also because I love entertaining, we host a LOT of dinners and get
togethers at our house. NO ONE ever leaves without being stuffed on
delicious, usually lowfat, vegetarian food. AND, my phone rings off the
hook. We don't HAVE to lose our friends. Nor do I think that we have
to compromise our eating habits.

Not my intention to start something,
but food (vegetarian AND lowfat, of course) for thought....


Cynthia Barnes      cbarnes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx         

On Wed, 30 Jul 1997, Michael M. Rosenblatt wrote:

> I sympathize. We have lost most of our friends, and are
> now on a search for different ones who would consider
> our diet. Several writers have posted me and said that
> Start now, before the telephone gets completely
> silent. That's what happened to us.