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Re: Eating-invitations..?

At 1:12 PM +0000 8/13/97, Diana Visser wrote:
>I was wondering how you handle invitations from friends to have
>dinner at their place. Do you ask for a special dish, do you skip the
>fatfree diet...?

This can be tough.  I'd recommend that you just tell them about the changes
you're trying to make to your diet and then offer to bring a dish to share.
Sometimes telling them that you have a special recipe you really want to
share with them helps.  When they ask what you can eat, give them
suggestions on how they can accomodate you--like serving the
meat/cheese/butter/whatever on the side.  When you get there and the food
is fattier than you're willing to eat (some of it probably will be, be
prepared), just ask for seconds on the foods you can eat and leave the rest
without comment.  Strive to be a charming guest and take the focus off of
your eating (or not eating, as the case may be), and they'll come around.

And remember, you don't have to be a "perfect" fatfree eater in order for
you to make positive changes.  Few of us are able to do every single thing
we're "supposed" to be doing all the time.  That doesn't mean we shouldn't
try to do the best we can anyway (and that means trying to keep to healthy
eating *and* being a gracious guest).

Good luck.  It gets easier.

Debbie			Iowa City, Iowa