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FF food and friends

Diana wrote that she wants to switch to vlf eating, but is
concerned about her friends (who eat SAD), and even says
that she might not be able to follow the VLF diet due to
the fact that her friends don't.

I sympathize. We have lost most of our friends, and are
now on a search for different ones who would consider
our diet. Several writers have posted me and said that
our friends were really not friends because of their
"inflexibility." I think that Diana should be realistic
and realize that her friends won't invite her over
any more--and she will tend to get together with them
far less--due to her diet. 

That's just reality. 

I still eat strictly VLF vegetarian (but not vegan) and 
even with my willingness to eat egg whites, my diet is
far too restrictive to my friends. 

I don't want to discourage Diana from eating properly.
But I think she should join some local vegetarian 
organizations and volunteer for their activities...
start out to get some new friends NOW. She could
look in her local whole foods stores for newspapers
and adds from local vegetarians and to to their
pot lucks, etc. That's what we are going to do.

Start now, before the telephone gets completely
silent. That's what happened to us.

Mike Rosenblatt