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tofu Pudding

To the person looking for tofu pudding: I found a great pudding mix made by
Mori-Nu. They have three flavors, lemon, cappuccino, and chocolate.  But, the
only one I really like is their chocolate. (The other two had kind of an off
taste.) Wow! You add 1 box of Mori-Nu lite x-tra firm tofu or firm and 1/4
cup of water plus the mix. Although they suggest making it in a blender, it
works much better in a food processor. 
My sister also made up a recipe for tofu pudding, but alas, it uses a whole
egg. It sure is good though. I tried to modify it using only egg whites and
it was disappointing. If anyone would like the recipe I'd be happy to give it
to you. 
About this Dixie Diner, I called about a month ago and haven't received a
catalog. Perhaps it's for the best  because I can get a lot of things through
my cooperative. Just reading the imput from most of you, the  Dixie Diner
stuff doesn't sound too appealing. 

I really like Light's Gimme Lean, it makes a mean M**t loaf. And just about
anything from Yves has been great.