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Lunchbox ideas

I am a full time student and bring my lunch for many reasons such as
lack of variety, high
fat content, or overpricing at college eatery. I have become pretty
creative in packing my lunch.
Here are some ideas:

First off, get a wide mouthed thermos. You can then put hot soups,
sloppy jo mix, burrito
fillings, crumbled veggie burgers, etc.. in it. You choice is only
limited by the size and shape of the container, and look in your local
Wal-Mart (especially now at back-to-school time) for a large variety of

Other cold ideas: macaroni salad with beans
3 bean salad (beans soaked in sweet vinegar dressing)
Marinated Veggies to put on a Pita (kind of like the Wendy's thing)
Polenta is good cold or hot!

Michael from New Joisey