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Diana, I'm going to be a positive stinker and try to get you try try
something of which I am really fond.

Take a cantalope and after seeding it, cube it and place in some
water...maybe just below the cantelope.

Bring to a boil and let it simmer just until it has the consistency of
apples in apple pie.

Now add pumpkin pie fixin's.  Some cinnamon, a teenie, tiny dash of
clove, and some freshly grated nutmeg.  If you go overboard, do it with
the cinnamon, but just a teaspoon ought to do.  And the aroma of freshly
grated nutmeg...never mind me, I just adore nutmeg and mace.

Add some sugar to taste and maybe a pinch of salt.

NOW tell me you don't like cantalope.

On your first bite you will swear it's peach...then, no! it's pumpkin,
or is it cantalope that tastes like peachie pumpkin...

It's an offshoot of a recipe I used to do for cantalope pie back in my
chubbier days.

Fat free and delicious.

Let the stuff cook down to a syrup if you like (and I DO like).

Amazing what a litle change-up can do to a fruit of any kind.