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McDougal Recipe Ideas

My standard fare meal has become canned pinto beans, a variation on Spanish 
rice and some mixed vegetables steamed on top.  I find that if I keep some rice 
prepared in the fridge and keep vegetables on hand, I can pull this together in 
very little time and it satisfies.  If you add some corn tortillas, you stray 
slightly from the McDougal plan, but it makes a hearty meal.

The other favorite easy meal is baked potatoes with vegetarian chili and some 
steamed vegetables or chopped peppers/onions and barbecue sauce.

My favorite snack is tea, rice cakes, with a bit of fruit spread.  I'm really 
comfortable extending the plan somewhat and will treat myself to nonfat plain 
yogurt with fruit spread stirred in for a dessert every now and again.

Breakfast is almost always oatmeal with raisins or other dried fruit.  Another 
alternative is fatfree granola with rice milk.

The packaged cups of stuff are a great alternative for fast, easy lunches.

For me, the key to the successful change is to think ahead about quick and easy 
meals.  If I don't, I'll come home from a long day and revert to old habits 
just because I can't think of anything else.