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Unidentified subject!

Mike said <It's just a pity that we must give up our friends and social
life to keep our health.> Gosh, is it really this bad?  This may discourage
anyone who would want to adopt a more healthy lifestyle.  I associate with
people who, while they may not agree with my health choices, they fully
understand and are intrigued by my choices.  I do not make a big deal at
all when I go to restaurants and I usually find that food servers are very
cooperative.  I usually do not even have to discuss my eating choices with
those that I am with.  In a nutshell it has worked wonderfully for me all
around.  One thing that is very important, people do not like to be
"preached" to.  Even though you may think you have discovered the greatest
thing in the world by adopting a new eating lifestyle, most people will
never understand, or want to adopt it with you.  Being vegan, has been a
very personal thing for me.

I also have a question about protein.  How many grams do I need really?  I
have read and heard so many different things.  I am 26 exercise almost
every day and weigh 130 lbs.  And what else can I eat (low fat, non dairy)
besides, grain, soy, and beans? 
I know they say that it is very difficult to become protein deficient, but
sometimes I think that I am hardly taking in any protein.  Since I exercise
I am afraid this may not be good.  I really do not like taking the powder
protein supplements because they are expensive and taste bad.  Someone at a
health food store told me that I can take brewers yeast as a good source of
protein.  You can't really take protein pills because they are so huge and
you have to take so many of them.  Help!

Another thing, has anyone had any luck with Diet Phen (herbal supplement) I
don't know if I am allowed to talk about that here.
Thank you