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McDougall Books

I reeeally like the McDougall 12-Day Program book; although I haven't yet
read his Weight-Loss book, I think the 12-Day program should be much easier
to adjust to.  It allows pasta, bread, and some other items not included in
the weight-loss regimen.  The 12-Day book also has menus, shopping lists,
and recipes for those of us who need the extra convenience.  I started with
his suggestions, then began working in recipes and ideas from this list.
We've even developed our own favorite comfort foods that fit into the
program, thanks to suggestions from fellow ff-ers!  I've gotten so
comfortable with this way of eating, I can't imagine ever going back,
although my SAD friends still marvel at my "incredible self-control."    ;-P
If they could only see me eating those giant bowls of whipped sweet potatoes
with maple syrup or two big glasses (in a row) of frozen
strawberry/banana/pineapple smoothies!  Yeah, that's real self-control for
you!  And although it's not his weight-loss program, I do lose a little each
week following the 12-day guidelines.  :-)


>Hi, Recently I checked out Dr. McDougall online and there are lots of
>different books.... Can someone give me suggestions on which of his books would
>be more suitable? I'm also hoping to find some of them in the library.

     Jane Smith		           			
     Special Collections, Pickler Memorial Library                     
     Truman State University (formerly NMSU)		
     Kirksville, Missouri  USA