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Unidentified subject!

to carry on the conversation about losing friends over being vlf.  I havent'
had that problem at all.  My friends know what I will and won't eat and what I
absolutely won't compromise on like cheese and eggs.
>> I think that Diana should be realistic
and realize that her friends won't invite her over
any more--and she will tend to get together with them
far less--due to her diet. 
no!  the diet is just part of a lifestyle, just as  friends are.  You can still
have friends without compromiseing yourself.  I'm not vegan so it isn't as hard
for me, but friends add something  to life that the best food can't, and given
a choice, my best friends would come first for me.

With respect Mike, it can be done with just the tiniest bit of flexibility,
Good Luck Diana!