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dixie dissapointment


Janna asked for products from Dixie Diners Club that we would
NOT recommend.  I was very disapointed in the 'chicken chunks'.  They
really grossed me out.  I've tried them twice (both times in soups) and
I can't stress how much I do not like them!  They are spongy and have
 a nasty flavor.  But I do love the Nutelles (grape-nuts like soy cereal).  I
sprinkle them over my Gise (a 9cal/oz soft serve frozen yogurt-
type stuff).  I would like to try more of their products (like Creme-It
and the defatted peanut flour paste , ie peanut butter sub).
I'd be interested in some of the meatloaf mixes or beef-not stuff, but
after the bad 'chicken chunk' experience, I am wonder if I'd like them.

Anyway,  I'd be interested in hearing other opinions on the Dixie
chicken products.

thanks for all the great info and ideas,
Pam D