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Re: Mangoes


> Anyway, the day after I ate one, my lips were covered with tiny blisters.
>  Someone told me that ther is something in magoes like in poison ivy. 

Mangos are in the same plant family as poisonwood, the sumacs (including
poison ivy, poison sumac, and poison oak), and cashews which can all cause
skin irritation. 

> 	Anyone else out there have a problem with mangoes?  I'm disappointed
> that I can't eat them anymore... --

It's the oil in the skin of the fruit that's the problem.  Some people
need to wear gloves just to handle them.  As a side note, people who have
handled them for years may find that they develop a reaction.

Since you did have a reaction, you might want to wear gloves to peel them. 
Once peeled, you shouldn't have any problems.