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>If you aren't following Max Weight Loss you can eat Pasta.   And he has a
>wonderful recipe for veg burritos in one of his books.  I found max weight
>loss helpful but a little strict.  And i still did loose the 25 pounds i
>needed to, although it took a few months...  Suggest eating somethng high
>fiber with the processed foods to offset the loss of fiber in the refined
>product.  Note that Mirkin (who is not much different than Ornish in terms of
>food except he does permit fish)  does allow you a 19 meal approach (if you
>are good for 19 meals a week...).

HI....Has anyone tried Terry Shintani's plan/???/ It's very similar to
McDougall, Ornish and MIrkin but he allows low fat soy products, tofu, etc.
A little more lenient but the same idea. He uses and inverted pyramid and
has categories for non dairy calcium and non animal protein...